The Journey of A Year and a Day Never Ends…

    full group    A Year and a Day’s sound is tight, full and strong. The band’s approach to progressive rock is  both, eclectic and electrifying.  In their live performances, they create an experience through  music’s power to stir the spirit and refresh the soul. Their influences are easy to spot on songs like “All on the Board,” “Castles” and “Mind, Flesh and Steel,” which are unbowed progressive rock songs in the tradition of bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Rush and Kansas. Other songs like “Cold World” and “Ten Thousand Years” are more elusive, with roots in the soil of Americana, where blues, soul, gospel and country all thrive together.

    Lead guitarist and songwriter, Don Smith–on the band’s creative process, “Our songs start off different ways. Sometimes Rob and I record demos of new material with a pretty good idea of where the songs seem to want to go. Other times the songs start happening at practice. Either way, when the band gets going on an idea,the result ends up being the interplay between talented musicians and whatever the song is trying to become.  It has to be that way, or it’s not A Year and a Day.”

    A Year and a Day releases it debut album Cold World on June 23, 2015. They are seeking live performance opportunities to showcase their music before as many people as possible. Their live act is a concert experience, complete with lights and video.

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